Lash Lifting Drama Mascara Gets Rave Reviews

Lash Lifting Drama Mascara Gets Rave Reviews

Well this just made my week! Leah Campbell editor of Mamamia's You Beauty podcast bought and reviewed our Lash Lifting Drama mascara and she ranks it in her top 2 mascaras EVER!!!! 

It's a huge deal for that to come from a beauty editor who's been in the game for as long as Leigh Campbell.

This mascara just ticks so many boxes...

It makes your lashes look really long and thick, it's waterproof yet easy to remove, and it's a non-irritating tubular formula.

We totally back our product and would go so far as to say it's one of the best mascaras you will find on the market. And to have that verified by a top tier beauty editor, I'm thrilled!

It's so exciting to see all the hard work and innovation I put into this product being recognised!

Listen to the episode HERE.

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