Reducing the use of plastics in the beauty industry

Reducing the use of plastics in the beauty industry

At Basics by B we are on a mission to reduce the amount of plastics used in our product packaging. The beauty industry especially has a reputation for excessive use of plastics.

Whether it be about size impression (the good old "bigger is better"), the fight for shelf space, the higher cost involved with using recyclable materials, or the weight for freight. 

That is why we are making every effort we can at this stage of our business to limit our use of plastic.

Our palettes are made from high quality cardboard, our product boxes are recyclable cardboard, our shipping materials are all recyclable and we opt for the use of glass on as many products as possible despite the much higher costs for production and distribution.

premium high quality makeup palette

The only plastic remaining is our lipstick and mascara tubes. As soon as the business is in a position to, we are going to reengineer these with the use of biodegradable material.

We all know that most plastic finds its way to landfills and into our oceans, which harms animals and contaminates our food chain. But plastics are also largely made from fossil fuels which negatively impacts the climate.

We are driven by the need for lesser plastics in our world, and for the future of our children. That is why we are striving for the end goal of being a completely plastic free beauty brand.

Every Basics by B purchase made helps us get one step closer to achieving this business goal.


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