We've got singles.. Blush and Highlight singles!

We've got singles.. Blush and Highlight singles!

Our latest artist collaboration has just launched and we couldn't be prouder of our beautiful new single compacts featuring artworks by the incredibly talented Australian artist Erica Wildey and Petrina José who is based in New Zealand.

The highlight singles are available in 3 beautiful shades that suit all skin tones- Uluwatu (soft golden glow), Solar (pink/peach glow) and Ibiza (champagne glow).

And the artwork encasing each highlight by Petrina mixes soft and feminine neutrals with a textured detail. Just looking at this artwork has a calming effect!

The new blush singles take a bolder stance in our collection, adorned with the artwork titled 'Under The Surface' by Erica Wildey. The colours and movement of Erica's painting are reflective of the ocean and the wonders of Mother Nature.

Available in 3 shades- Santorini (peach), Bora Bora (soft glowy pink), and Suffolk (dusty rose).

Shop the blush and highlight singles here.

Keeping art as a core pillar of the Basics by B brand, we utilise each artist collaboration to create interesting and unique products while supporting female artists and provide a platform for these artists to showcase their work to a wider audience.

For Basics by B founder Bonnie it is imperative that the brand continues to empower other women in business and the arts, and continue finding ways to entwine this throughout the business.

Stay tuned for more collaborations and exciting product launches in the pipeline!


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