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Luxe Lip Liner

Luxe Lip Liner

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Our Luxe Lip Liners are beautifully soft and highly pigmented. Wear on it's own or with your favourite lipstick colours.

There are 9 shades to choose from. The images show Bonnie wearing lip liner only (no lipstick).

Here is a list of our fav lipsticks to match with each lip liner.

Norfolk- Paris liquid lipstick & Vegas Velvet lipstick

Rio- Barca liquid lipstick, Napier Velvet Lipstick

Atlanta- Malibu Velvet lipstick, Monaco, Nice, Pollenca & Biarritz liquid lipsticks.

Broome- Como, Monaco & Corfu liquid lipstick

Fiji- Roma Velvet lipstick.

Byron- Mauritius & Madeira liquid lipstick, Boston Velvet Lipstick

Brighton- Puglia liquid lipstick, Porto Velvet Lipstick.

Molokai- Maui Velvet lipstick, Pollenca, Tropea, Mauritius & Barbados liquid lipstick.

Rome- Tokyo & Monaco liquid lipstick, Seville & Athens Velvet lipstick.

Of course you can mix and match!

Makeup artist tip: Ensure your lip liner pencil is sharpened for a precise line.

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